On my way to work this morning, I was hit with a new, strange, scary sensation in my head. I was stuck in a traffic jam, and was driving about 10 to 20 miles an hour, when suddenly I felt a little “spark” in the left side of my head, deep. It was immediately followed by an explosive sensation, and then some more smaller “sparks”. It really felt like a firecracker was inside my head! I was caught off guard, and felt scared for a minute, especially because I was driving, and because I don’t remember feeling this before. A few minutes later I felt some more intense pain coming up on the left side again, and I was afraid it was going to repeat the “firecracker”, but then it kind of disappeared, and I haven’t felt it again.

During the rest of the day my headache was fairly normal, around the 6 to 7/10. Later in the afternoon, the right side of my head was hurting more than average and at one point it almost drove me to tears, but then it subsided and I was able to compose myself.

While I’m typing this, at 11 pm, I again have a unusually painful feeling on the right side of my head, and I really wished I could get an explanation for my pain… It is so frustrating to know this pain is not normal, it is not common, it is not imaginary, and it is not made up, yet nobody can find anything wrong. There has to be a reason!

Mother’s Day

All of my mother’s day was consumed by pain. I was hurting very badly from the second my daughter woke me up at 6:15 am.

It may have been partially due to drinking margaritas the night before, but I know the main reason is that I overdid it this last week. I totally exhausted my body, and I can barely move. I organized a party at my house and the preparations drained me physically and mentally. On top of that I chaperoned during my son’s school’s field trip, and my kids’ track meet was postponed to this Saturday (the day we had the party), and the event ran late so I wasn’t home until 3 pm with the guests expecting to arrive at 5, I was running around like a chicken without a head!

I woke this morning with a level 9 headache which got worse by lunchtime, level 8 in my right arm, and back, and close to level 9 on my right hip and knee. My feet were hurting as well from running around all week! After I had some food my awesome husband gave me 5 (200mg) Ibuprofen gel tablets. They didn’t really do anything until I fell asleep on the couch, and by the time I woke up my headache felt more like a 7/10 which was a great improvement.

My right hip and knee have been hurting badly since the field trip. For some crazy, stupid reason I thought I would be totally fine hiking around on a farm on a hill with a class of 5 year-olds. Truthfully I was okay… that day, until I got home and realized I was spent. Also, the day before I seriously hurt my knee, by jamming it against the corner of a drying rack. The stupid thing really dug into the center of my knee cap right on top of a scar. I think I may have damaged something, because it feels way worse than just a nasty bruise… We’ll see how it heals up in a few weeks.

I wish I could’ve given my kids a fun and exciting mother’s day, but I had to listen to my body today. My daughter was fairly disappointed, but I hope she knows I truly wished I could’ve enjoyed myself more.