Latest consultation

Yesterday I went to see an orthopedic surgeon to discuss the images of my latest MRI and CT scan. My right knee has been hurting ridiculously much lately.

Turns out my knee looks like shit (Doc’s words). It is really sad to find out that the previous 3 surgeons were incapable and/or lazy. They messed up pretty bad, and that’s the reason why I’m in pain 24/7.

The suggestion from this new surgeon is to operate on my knee again to remove all the hardware from the previous 5 surgeries, and to do a bone graft to restore my femur and tibia bone, that were both drilled into (excessively) to attach the new ACL. These holes, look like tunnels wider than a thumb. So, they have to try to reconstruct the bones, and I’ll have to recover and wait at least 6 months to give the bone a chance to regrow. Once all looks strong and stable, they can redo the ACL reconstruction the correct way this time.

2 more surgeries… At least a year rehab… I’m not looking forward to this. Obviously I’m getting a 2nd and maybe 3rd opinion, although I know this is what needs to be done. It only makes sense.

I don’t know what to do or when to do it… I hate putting life on hold. Not just for me, but for my family. The last 2 knee surgeries were done right before and during my oldest kid’s first year of kindergarten. I missed out on so many fun events and volunteer opportunities. I don’t WANT to miss out on my youngest’ kindergarten. I’ve only got 2 kids, and I really don’t want to have regrets about their first crucial years in school. They are only this little for a very limited amount of time… It breaks my heart. For as long as they NEED me, I want to be available. The moment they no longer require my help or encouragement will be here before I know it. I really don’t want to feel so helpless and worthless like I did after the previous ACL surgeries. My kids deserve a mom who can be there for them.

In a month I will have a consultation with another orthopedic surgeon. I’ll keep you posted.