I’ve been busy lately, hence the lack of posting blogs.

For the last couple of months, or maybe a little longer, I’ve been noticing my memory isn’t what it used to be! I’m only 37 so I can’t really blame it on aging. Here and there I became aware of things I totally forgot about saying or doing. Now I don’t even argue with my husband anymore when he says “I already told you!” because maybe he did…

Yesterday, early afternoon, I was putting away laundry in my daughter’s room, and I realized I didn’t remember which clothes they were wearing to school. Usually I lay their outfits ready the night before, so in the morning there are no delays, but I knew I didn’t do that this time. I was breaking my head over it, and I couldn’t recall handing them clothes that morning. It actually crossed my mind for a second that maybe they went to school in the pajamas! In the end I decided they must’ve picked out their own outfits.

After school, when I saw them walking down the street from the bus stop, I saw their clothes, and recognized them immediately as the ones I GAVE THEM in the morning! Why did I not remember this??? It’s starting to scare me. I’m not on any medication.

Last time something like this happened, I was on a new med, and I did discontinue taking it shortly after because I was losing my mind. Now I don’t know what to change!

Next week I’ll my seeing my neurologist, so I’ll definitely address this.

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