Life goes on

For so many months I have had random thoughts about what my next blog should be about, but nothing ever seemed important enough to share. My life isn’t any different than when I started sharing with you. None of the treatments have been successful, so my pain is still the same.

I wish I had positive news to report, but I am afraid I’m starting to bore you with my complaining. I don’t really feel all that comfortable to let you know how much it sucks to live life in my body.

This whole blog thing was an experiment to see if it would help me in any way, but I think it made me more conscious of the pain, which is not something I enjoy. I also feel like it makes it seem like I’m this miserable person, and I don’t think I am. I have accepted my condition, even though I don’t like it, and I don’t want it, it makes it easier to navigate through every day, because I’m not consumed by self pity, or I don’t question “why me?”, ever. I understand life is tough, I understand shit happens, and I know that I have to choose to be happy to stay alive.

I’ll stop by on occasion, and I may share again sooner or later. Until then.

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