Another Rebirthday

It’s the night before my 24th rebirthday. That’s the date my new, painful, life began. It’s so bizarre, because 2 days later is my real birthday but yet I always anticipate this day tomorrow more than anything. It is so so so surreal to me. If you ask me how long my recovery period was after the accident, I’d tell you it’s still ongoing. 24 years. It’ll never end until the day I die. The realization that it’s been so damn long ago, is depressing but at the other hand it’s also amazing. I’m amazed I’m still doing this. I’m amazed I still wake up every single day with a ridiculous headache and a body that feels like it got hit by a truck each morning. I’m amazed that somehow I find joy in my everyday life. The first joyful part of the day is when I drink my first sip of coffee 😆

All in all I think I’m doing pretty good at hiding my pain. Most of my friends have no clue the amount of agony I’m in all the time, and that’s the way I like it. I hate to be a drag. I still don’t cancel any planned events for the sole reason of aching too much, because I continue to refuse to let it rule my life.

Although my rebirthday isn’t the happiest of memory to relive every year, I am grateful to be here. Grateful for the life I have, regardless of the pain. I won’t let it ruin my joy.

Checking in

Hello there.

It’s been awhile. Life has been interesting. A lot has changed. We moved! Not just across town, no we moved to Mexico! The beautiful Yucatán 🇲🇽

2 and a half years ago I did finally get my knee replaced. Still not sure if that was the right thing to do. My knee, or whatever’s mine around the prosthesis, still hurts. A lot. All the time.

My headache continues to be brutal. I’ve seen a neurologist here in Mexico, and he was the most arrogant piece of shit doctor I’ve ever dealt with! I’ve lost pretty much all little faith I had left in doctors.

It’s 1:40 am right now and I’m in too much pain to fall back asleep. I woke up from something beeping in the room about an hour ago.

In the morning I have a training session with my personal coach. I started working out with this guy almost 6 months ago. I see him three times a week and I never miss a session! I’m pretty proud of myself for not letting the excuses dictate my life. Since the training is so personal it’s really catered to my limitations and even though I haven’t lost a single pound yet, I feel stronger. My endurance has improved a lot and I’m able to walk further. My pain isn’t any better though. My headache is outrageous and my knee and back, mostly, hurt pretty much every minute of every day.

Since moving to Mexico the quality of life has improved substantially. I no longer have to work at all to make ends meet and I pretty much do whatever I want. Unfortunately COVID ruined a lot of the experience, but I’m still very grateful for our opportunities. I have taken on a role of art teacher at a small local school! It’s been fun despite the fact that the added stress cause added pain in my head. At least I’m busy! The classes are currently online only but I’m enjoying the experience. To see the students’ creativity is a reward on its own.

I don’t really know what made me blog again, but I’m going to try to keep it up, at least to have an account of this time in my life. If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well.