In 1997 I survived an horrific car accident. In “The beginning” you can read more details about that. Ever since that day I’ve been in chronic pain. The most debilitating pain I have is a 24/7 headache. I haven’t experienced a minute awake without pain in my head since 1997. I have several other body parts that ache constantly as well, and the most frustrating part, is the fact that I can’t find relief. The doctors and specialists are at loss. I’m just dealing with it all without medication, or any other forms of pain relief.
I’m still trying to find a doctor who’s willing to figure out this mystery that I am.
In this blog I write random thoughts, experiences, and complaints. Feel free to comment and share your story with me if you please. You can also e-mail me directly at invisiblepainblog@gmail.com
Thank you for reading!


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